Roller blinds Worcester

Roller blinds in Worcester and around the country remain one of the most popular styles used around our homes. These simple yet effective blinds come in so many different colours and patterns that there are always plenty to choose from.

Practical blinds

One of the most useful versions of the roller blind is the blackout types. These use a special material that dramatically reduces the amount of light that escapes into a room and creates a darkened interior. They are popular for kids’ bedrooms to stop the light evenings keeping them awake as well as for people who work shifts and need to sleep through the day. People with bedrooms that face the rising sun on a morning often choose this style to reduce the glare in the early hours.

Here at Blinds Direct Worcester, we offer a range of blackout and glare reducing roller blinds among our numerous ranges. As well as these, we offer styles that work in bathrooms, with the higher moisture and in kitchens. Plain and patterned are all in our ranges so no matter what décor you want to match it with, we will have a solution. You can even have straight edges or opt for a patterned edge, have eyelets or other embellishments to add to the overall look.

Operating blinds

Another reason this style of blind is so popular is that it is easy to operate with a number of different options. You can use a pull cord or chain or even a pole if you have small kids and don’t like cords handing around. Electrical units can even be added to them to operate the blinds if you have trouble with pulleys.

Cleaning this style of blinds is also a simple process, with most simply needing a wipe with a damp cloth. Due to their straight nature there aren’t too many awkward spots to reach or folds of material so they are ideal for hard to reach areas.

Friendly service, quality, no mess at all left. We have had 3 blinds fitted in different rooms and very pleased with every one.

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